Brockton Meadows Town-Home Association
Presidential Fall 2022 update

THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED our Ice Cream Social and summer meeting mid July.

Currently 100K in Checking and 27k in Savings
Estimated 2022 budget was 36k in which we have spent 34k so far

Please use and engage in our NEW WEBSITE for all of the latest postings and monthly updates. Also review ALL of
our documents! Rules and regulations have been updated. New insurance info. On-going projects and much, much more!

Lawn and snow
Elite has completed the first year of their contract and is up for renewal. Please understand we inherited some major
issues from our last contractor and were pleased that Elite was able to get most of those issues resolved. Unfortunately
the mid summer drought strained much of our grassy areas despite our increased sprinkling.
I created a “Post” on the website for any comments, questions or concerns about their service. I will take these up
with them as we negotiate next contract.

New Mailboxes
We have gotten approval from the Post Office to proceed. We are purchasing maintenance free, lockable boxes.
They will be located by the first set of boxes towards the west. All 24 boxes will be combined into 1 drive-up row.
This will free up more street parking. It will include 1 large outgoing drop box. This will create a much more secure,
efficient system for our delivery person and us. Ric Wilkins along with myself will be designing and pro-curring all the
parts to effectively install this hopefully before frozen ground. See the following for more info and visuals.

Original Mailboxes Post

Mailbox update

City Ownership of Prairieview Drive – Overflow Parking Lots
We have had this topic on the agenda for the last few years. I have met with the City and they agreed to take over
our street responsibilities based on a few contingencies. We will need to provide a professional survey – cost $3-5k.
We need to repair any broken concrete sections per driveway entrances. We provide some off street parking for winter
snow plow restrictions. Lastly present a motion to the city’s agenda for voting approval – expect 12-18 months.
I have been developing parking concepts and collecting bids for this work. This will be a big undertaking.
It will involve sprinkler relocation, earthwork, drainage, paving, solar lighting and landscaping.
See Overflow Parking Lots project for visuals and more info.

Concrete Heaving
As we approach winter be prepared for concrete heaving. We have shut off sprinklers to help dry out our high water
table and hopefully minimize heaving. Make sure your down spouts are intact and operational. All downspouts and
runouts were completed and secured last year. In the event you have damaged yours with your car, repairs can be done
and billed independently. It was also suggested at the last meeting to consider removing your patio threshold board.
Some of you saw your concrete patios lift and push that board up into your patio door frame causing issues. The patios
are your responsibility but if you need assistance send email to and we’ll see what we can do.

Photo Contest
Contest was canceled due to lack of any entries

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Gunnarson

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