Attention Owners,

I had previously sent this out as a “broadcast” but if I resend as a “post” everyone can add comments by clicking on the comment button.

Some initial comments were color options – at this point it is aluminum or bronze.  We would create 2 sets of 12.  Each owner would have a lockable box.

These would not have a cubby for newspapers or typical non mail advertising.  I feel it would be nice not to get all that clutter however a comment was asked if you receive a paper would there be a problem.  I work with a paper delivery person and you can request to have it delivered to steps/ driveway.  The biggest improvement would be to free up 2 on street parking spots in our congested areas by relocating all of them farther west up the block.  At this point we are gathering costs, confirming compliance with US postal service and certainly considering any input from owners.

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