Here is a PDF of the maintenance proposal we received from Elite. 

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  1. Attention Owners
    You should have received an invite from Matthew Yonan to this website with a temporary password.
    Feel free to change and note the website address and record / save your new password. Please review the Owners info page and make any corrections or personalize your bio.
    Also spend time navigating the site and familiarize yourself with the documents we have available.
    Your board will begin to populate this site with more info and hopefully ideas from you!!!
    Thanks to all for taking Brockton Meadows Town Home Association to the next level!

    Attention Owners
    We are experiencing a lot of Heaving issues in various building and locations. In some cases it is elevating concrete foundations sidewalks and garage aprons. You may also see it on back patios, garages or the support posts on end units. This destructive force may be buckling siding, jamming patio doors, garage doors or home doors and windows. The weather has not helped with a lot of freeze thaw cycles making a bad situation worse. Do you best to inspect your gutters / downspouts and see that they are draining best they can. All we can do for now is wait for spring thaw and typically everything drops back down into place. You should note or photo any of your trouble spots for future reference if and when we can find solutions for these problems. Note that insurance does not cover these damages. Our flat land and high water table are to blame and the Association is trying to see what options we have to remedy this problem. If you have corrective options, contractors or experience with these matters feel free to reply.

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